About Proper man

The Proper Man frontman, Jason Parkes, and guitarist, Petri Nieminen, spent a lot of time writing music that sounded just like everything else. But when a few too many scotch whiskies made Jason’s words slur together, an English accent emerged that had Petri dancing terribly with excitement. 

They were on to something. Rounding out The Proper Man are Nori Wentworth, Travis Saunders, and Justen Gordon, who together create a sound that’s a lot like high school in the 1980’s (or a lot like 80’s high school movies, at least). Their new wave meets punk sugar tunes will have you tapping your low top Chucks and remembering those squishy ­sweet feelings from back in the day. 

As a winemaker, Jason attributes the exhaustion of crush (harvest and wine making time) as the catalyst for most of the songs on the band’s new album. “There was not a lot of thinking involved, during crush you’re too tired for that. I went with my gut, and back in time to the early 80’s, to high school and hanging out in my Italian friend’s parents’ wine cellar.” With every bottle of wine made by this winemaker / songwriter attached to a The Proper Man song, this album is sure to be complex and satisfying and with a number of high notes.


Jason Parkes


Petri Nieminen


Nori Wentworth

Bass / Vocals



Travis Saunders

Piano / Keyboards / Vocals


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